Camille Fox

01 Getting to know me...

Hello... I am a very sensual Brazilian woman in my early 30s.  I smile with my green eyes and perfect lips, I have a beautiful face adorned by long, silky black hair, and my body takes your hands down dangerous curves through soft and feminine skin.  I have several extremely sexy pieces of artwork on my skin and have been displayed in two nationally acclaimed tattoo magazines.  I am temptation at every turn, I am all woman...

Pass the decadent exterior and you will find that I have the type of personality that  puts others ahead of herself.  I believe beauty is skin deep and one must truly enjoy others in order to provide top-tier companionship.  I am formally educated, have had a very successful professional career for over a decade, and have a natural curiosity that allows me to carry a conversation on a multitude of subjects.  I am truly passionate about medicine, marketing, culinary arts, traveling, finance, and cultural differences between nations. 

Our intimate time together is erotic, passionate, and completely tailored to you... What once used to be an anomaly, it is now my gift to my closest lovers... I have no gag reflex.  I am a Master in the Oral Arts and, if we develop this kind of friendship, you will certainly be in awe...  As for our time together, my philosophy is as we say in Brazil: 

"May it be forever while it lasts..."

I value your time and I am truly appreciative of you.  I will be on time, always dressed to impress, and perfectly clean and well kept.  I do not drink alcohol, I do not smoke, and I have never used any drugs.  If you are looking for discretion and privacy, I assure you that you have certainly found it.  I would never compromise you at any cost.

If going on an outcall to an upscale hotels, expect me to be dressed like a desirable, yet upscale business woman.  I would never call attention to you in a negative way.  

My personal life is bustling with activities and I am extremely busy with my full-time career.  Just as the hobby is an escape to you, it is to me too.  As my time as a companion is limited, I prefer having fewer affairs rather than a busy calendar filled with shorter and rushed dates.  Quality over quantity is the emphasis and I want our time together to be a mutually sensual getaway.    

When traveling, I enjoy my time in the area as much as my time with my established or new gentlemen friends.  Once again, the emphasis is placed on enjoying everything that I do to the fullest, so you may experience a companion who is full of life.

02 Honorarium & Travel

Thank you for your interest in spending time with me...

My rates are location-specific.  Please, familiarize yourself with it prior to booking an appointment.  There are no adjustments.

Cash preferred, but I accept credit cards and Apple Pay.  Picture ID and billing zip code required to process payment.

Incall: I do NOT provide incall appointments in San Antonio, TX.  All my visits in San Antonio are solely on an outcall basis.

If an incall is provided when traveling, I kindly ask that you place fee on a visible place within minutes of being at my incall and proceed to the bathroom to wash your hands and use mouthwash.  I will not ask for payment, but our time together may not start until you do so.

When traveling, I always stay at 4-5 star accommodations for your comfort and safety.

Upscale Hotel Outcall:  I kindly ask you that you place the fee in the bathroom in a visible place.  I will not ask for it.  I may terminate our visit if this step is not followed.


I will NEVER ask for payment or discuss them during appointment.  Do not do it, please.  Visit will be politely terminated.

These are non-negotiable.  I find that, negotiating rates while setting up an appointment is extremely rude and discussing them during our intimate time ruins the mood.  I do not want to think of business while taking care of you.  I take you and your needs extremely seriously, please, take me seriously as well. 


New York City, NY
Los Angeles, CA
San Francisco, CA
Las Vegas, NV  (100 less for outcalls)

Incall & Outcall

  • Hour:  700
  • 90 min:   1,000
  • 2 hours:  1,200
  • 3 hours:  1,800
  • 4 hours: 2,500
  • 6 hours:  3,500


Philadelphia, PA
Washington, D.C.
Miami, FL
Boston, MA

Incall & Outcall  (add 100 to any outcall)

  • Hour:  600
  • 90 min:   800 
  • 2 hours:  1,000
  • 3 hours:  1,500
  • 4 hours:  2,000
  • 6 hours:  3,000


San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, and Houston, TX


  • Hour: 400
  • 90 min: 600
  • 2 hours:  700
  • 3 hours:  1,000
  • 4 hours: 1,300


"FLY ME TO YOU" Package:  Traveling is one of my passions!  You can't make your way to San Antonio?  Don't let life' circumstances prevent you from experiencing an UNIQUE encounter.  You've earned it!  Here is how:

• Coordinated date
• Round trip fare cost
• One night stay at an upscale hotel
Minimum 4 hours
• A discreet 50% deposit to confirm all travel engagements. 


When not in San Antonio, Tx, the following is my tour schedule:

I am currently taking a break from traveling as I focus on some new and exciting personal endeavors!

04 Screening And Appointments


To help ensure my safety and our compatibility, I require all new friends to be discreetly and safely screened.

Privacy and discretion is ABSOLUTELY of the outmost importance to me.  I will never compromise your information.

Methods of Screening - when contacting me, please provide one of the following:

  • Preferred 411: I am a P411 verified provider (P150128), please send me a message from your P411 account.
  • Two recent (last 6 months) provider references.  Let me know how to best get a hold of them, please.
  • Date-Check ID (mine is CA6305F)
  • RS2000 members, please inquire
  • Discreet and always safe alternative screening (please inquire). 
  • A 5 minute public meeting where I will verify your information in person, a $100 fee is required.  Please, remember, this is not a social outing. 

Please, fill out all applicable fields of form and tell me a little bit about yourself.  We will be spending time together, I would like to get to know a bit about you.  I will email you back but, if that is not preferred, let me know.  I will only provide you with my phone number once you have passed screening.

False information meant to mislead me will lead me to place you on a "Do Not See" list. 

I am ALWAYS quick to respond (generally within an hour or two during business hours).  If you fill out my form and do not hear back from me within an hour or two during business hours, please, email me at

You can always email me at if you have any questions or if you need to add anything.  I appreciate professional communication. 

Important Notes

*  Please, be on time.  If you are running late, communicate.  I allot 10 minutes for traffic delays, etc.  If I do not hear from you, after the first 10 minutes, every minute thereafter will be deducted from our time together or I may choose to cancel our appointment instead. 

*  NO-SHOWS:  I am at a point in my career that I choose to see one, maybe two friends a day (when available), and that's if I do not decide to take the entire day for myself.  Cancellations are understandable, but if you choose to not show up to our scheduled time, in order to reschedule, you will be asked to compensate me for my lost time. 

*  Toiletries and shower are always available if needed.

*  Absolutely no pictures and videos will be sent prior to appointment or taken during appointment.

*  I am at my absolute best before 11 pm.  So we may both fully enjoy each other's company, please schedule our decadent encounters so they may end by 11 pm.  


I fully understand that making the decision to see me is making an investment in your quality of life.  I respect those who appreciate the importance of living each and every moment to its fullest.  

Lincoln said it best: 
"And in the end, it's not the years in your life that counts.  It's the life in your years."

Looking forward to enjoying time with you very soon...

05 Schedule

When not In San Antonio, this is my tour schedule:

I am currently taking a break from traveling as I focus on some new and exciting personal endeavors!

My schedule is flexible but I require a day's notice when booking time together.